Hambleton Bard - About Us
Hambleton Bard - About Us

Home brew distilling, wine and beer making - About us

Home brew supplies, wine making, beer making and home distilling, from Hambleton Bard Ltd. We are the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of home brew products in the EU. Our speciality is super fast winemaking kits, turbo yeast and high quality homebrew accessories for making your own wine, beer or alcohol. We are also the manufacturers of the worldwide turbo yeast brand of Alcotec.

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Our main warehouse is located in Chesterfield, United Kingdom. See our contact page for details. We moved to this new larger facility in April 2010 after having outgrown our old warehouse for the third time in 10 years.

We handle most of our sales from here, UK as well as the EU and outside. In the UK we have our own distribution.

Beer Kit Factory Supplies Our beer kit production facility is located in Chesterfield, it is a brand new plant installed 2012. During the later part of 2012 we will launched the first range of super premium beer kits of a type and quality not previously available anywhere. This is a modern bag-in-box plant, designed for production of high quality kits. 
Our juice production facility is also located in Chesterfield where we have an automated filling line for bag-in-box production and also a full canning line for our Magnum wine kits. We also maintain a separate filling line for jerry cans, mainly for contract production.

Our state of the art bag-in-box filling plant produces wine kits to the highest specification. We use specially designed low temperature filling in order to maintain all the natural qualities of the juice. Our BIB plant is the only factory with this technology in the EU.

This film sequence shows our popular Cantina kits being produced.

We have a very tight production lab quality control, testing every batch produced for consistency. If there is ever a problem (very unusual, but OK, it can happen), we have full traceability so we can find and correct the problem.

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Bulldog Master Brewer
[Jan 25, 2018] Bulldog Master Brewer
Bulldog Beer Yeast
[April 5, 2017] Bulldog Beer yeast, 10g and 500g
Alcotec Wine Finings
[March 30, 2017] Alcotec ExtraKlar Finings
Bulldog Sparger

[February 6, 2017] Bulldog Sparger
Alcotec Carbon Turbo
[February 6, 2017] Alcotec Carbon Turbo
DoubleSnake Carbon Turbo
[February 6, 2017] DoubleSnake Carbon Turbo
Puriferm Carbon Turbo
[February 6, 2017] Puriferm Carbon Turbo
[November 21, 2016] We are now ISO9001