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Alcotec spirit essences

Alcotec essences are the closest to the original spirit you will get when flavouring your home brew alcohol (moonshine where legal) into Gin, Rum, Whisky, Vodka etc. Homebrew essences making alcohol like the commercial originals. Packaging is glossy black sachets with a stunning label, displays very well in the shop and also perfect for mail order sales. Makes 750 ml.

whisky essence alcohol

Single Malt Whisky

Dark golden, subtle oak tones with complex peaty notes and a fragrant malt balance. The Alcotec Single Malt Whisky essence captures the true spirit of the highland single malt. Item code 50201.

MacMoor Whisky

Malt whisky essence with a smooth, yet spicy aroma, hints of exotic oak, citrus, and toffee. Item code 50202.

colonial gin essence

Colonial Gin

This recipe with pungent botanicals, a smooth yet distinctive touch of juniper with citrus tones, creates a perfectly balanced, crisp and dry colonial Gin. Item code 50206.

gin essence

London Dry Gin

A unique blend of botanicals, juniper berries of course but also lemon zest, coriander and other rare herbs and spices creates a perfectly balanced crispy dryness. A London Dry Gin of great character. Item code 50207.

rum essence alcohol

Baccara Rum

Puerto Rican style light Rum essence. Semi-dry and with a slightly candied nose. Smooth, yet peppery finish. Try it mixed with Cola, a classic drink. Item code 50211.

jamaica rum essence

Extra Dark Jamaica Rum

Rich dark coloured Jamaican style rum essence with a subdued molasses aroma, hints of toffee and dark chocolate. Item code 50213.

vodka essence

Swedish Vodka

Winter wheat style Vodka essence, subtle earthy smell, light body and a minimal hint of licorice. Complex yet clean vodka flavour. Item code 50216.

alcotec spirit essences

Alcotec Essences

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