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Homebrew How-To's - Hambleton Bard

Turbo yeast fermentation for making alcohol

Home brew Turbo Yeast - Make your own moonshine alchohol in 24 hours. Distill it (where legal) for higher alcohol, or use it as it is for mixing with essences.

Turbo yeast - what is it?

turbo yeast alcohol

A turbo yeast is nothing like an ordinary pack of wine or beer yeast. In fact, it is not very good at fermenting beer or wine, it is usually far to fast and brutal for this, leaving nothing of the desired flavours and bouques in your brew if you try. Instead the turbo yeast is designed for the fastest and most reliable fermentation of a pure sugar/water mix, into pure alcohol.

The idea is of course to make alcohol by fermentation, up to 23% at the moment, but this limit may be pushed further. Fermenting alcohol is usually legal and tax free in most countries, with some exceptions (you are recommended to check up on this in your country before you use our products).

The finished product, pure alcohol between 14% - 23% alcohol, can then be used as a base for mixing drinks, mixing with essences to make lower alcohol versions of many spirits, or (where legal) as the perfect base for distilling into high alcohol.

Turbo yeast come in many flavours today. The typical groups are

Moderate alcohol turbo yeast - fast

Turbo's in this group are Alcotec 6 (3 day fermentation), Alcotec 48 (which does it in 48 hours, hence the name). The alcohol level is usually around 14% by volume. This is the result of full fermentation of 6 kgs of sugar in 25 litres final volume (the rest being water).

High alcohol turbo yeast - slower

The most well known turbo here is the Alcotec 48 again, but this time used as a high alcohol turbo. It's a very versatile turboyeast as it allows you to choose whether to go for moderat alcohol (fast) or high alcohol (slower). It's done simply by adding more sugar to get the higher alcohol. For a 19-20% result, simply add 8 kgs of sugar into 25 litres in total. We also have the extreme Alcotec 23% which contains activated carbons used in a clever way to take it to this high alcohol.

Speciality turbo yeast - hyper fast, hyper clean

We have the Alcotec 24 - makes moderate alcohol in only 24 hours, it is the most extreme fermentation you have ever seen. There are also a few "super clean" fermenting yeasts such as the Alcotec VodkaStar and the Alcotec Triple Still.

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