Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard
Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard

Cider making kits - apple, pear, strawberry, elderflower

Cider making kits based on apple, pear or other fruits or berries have become very popular as new cider brands such as Kopparberg have conquered the market. Now you can make your own cider, as simple as any wine kit!

apple cider brew kit

Bulldog Brews Perfect Apple Cider Kit

Based on a large amount of apple concentrate, this kit includes all you need to start brewing. Just add water. All the new Bulldog Ciders are also equipped with the newly developed special cider yeast, promoting all the qualities of the juice. Makes 23 litres.
pear cider kit

Bulldog Brews Perfect Pear Cider Kit

With 3 kgs of concentrate, this kit contains all you need. Just add water to start brewing. Makes 23 litres.
mixed berries cider

Bulldog Brews Mixed Berries Cider Kit

A stunning 3kgs of concentrate, flavoured with raspberry and blueberry, creates the perfect summer drink. Just add water! Makes 23 litres.
strawberry lime cider

Bulldog Brews Strawberry & Lime Cider Kit

Like the popular commercial flavoured cider, this is a perfect summer drink. All is included, simply add water to make 23 litres of your own Strawberry & Lime Cider.
apple cider kit

Magnum Apple Cider Kit

A fantastic quality cider kit based on almost 100% natural apple concentrate. Makes 30 bottles in only two weeks, just add sugar and water. Magnum Cider Instruction here (for all the Magnum Cider making kits).

pear cider kit

Magnum Pear Cider Kit

This might be the only Pear Cider kit on the market, in any case it is certainly the first one. With almost 100% pure natural pear concentrate, this is an impressive kit, making 30 bottles of your own Pear Cider in only two weeks. Just add sugar and water (for full details see instruction).

elderflower cider making

Magnum Elderflower Cider Kit

Based on natural extract from elderflowers, this very refreshing cider is the perfect summer drink. Make your own 30 bottles of elderflower cider in only two weeks from this cider kit.

 strawberry cider kit

Magnum Strawberry Cider Kit

Cider and strawberries - two of the best ingredients of a British summer. We have combined them into the Magnum Strawberry Cider, a very refreshing and natural drink. Make your own cider in only two weeks, this kit makes 30 bottles.

 cider making kit

Black Rock Cider

This refreshing and very natural Cider Kit comes from New Zealand. With an especially well composed mix of New Zealand apple juices, this cider will turn your world upside down. Make 30 bottles of your own New Zealand Cider in only a few weeks!

 apple and pear cider kit

Finlandia Cider

An exciting cider kit from Finland, made from a mix of apples and pears which gives it an unusual freshness. Makes 24 litres of refreshing Scandinavian cider in only two weeks.

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