Hambleton Bard Beer Kits
Hambleton Bard Beer Kits

Beer Making Kits - Hambleton Bard Liquid Malt

A beer making kit made from liquid malt extract is the easiest way to get your homebrewing hobby going. These basic 1.5kg kits from Hambleton Bard can be used as they are, or improved further with addition of brewing enhancers and/or extra finishing hops. Other quality kits are Milestone, St. Peters, and Muntons.

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Liquid malt beermaking kits from Hambleton Bard are made from the finest ingredients, pure malt extract and high quality dried beer yeast, carefully optimised for the types of malt in these kits.

These beer kits contain 1.5kg malt extract and make 23 litres of fine quality English Bitter or Lager.

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