Beer Kits - Hambleton Bard
Beer Kits - Hambleton Bard

Beer Kits - Hambleton Bard Dry Malt

Beermaking kits based on spray dried malt extract will normally produce a cleaner tasting beer, more true to the original. This is due to the fact that the wort is not heated up as is the case with normal liquid malt extract production. Only a few manufacturers in Europe can make good quality spray dried extracts, it is an expensive and difficult process but well worth it for the quality of beer kits that can be achieved.

beermaking kit dry malt

Hambleton Bard spraydried malt beer kits are made from the best available ingredients, we use spray dried malt extracts from the best European producers and we have also developed our own hop extract which is of a quality not available anywhere else on the market. The combination of raw materials and the unique hop extracts produce truly amazing quality beers and lagers.

These kits make 23 litres and you normally add 1kg of sugar. You can produce an even higher quality beer by adding a beer enhancer instead or even pure dried malt extract. If you choose pure malt extract (1kg) you need to use a pilsner enzyme as well (added at start) to ferment out completely.

Old English

Full bodied, medium dark stunning quality Ale with a distinct hoppiness.

Amber Export

Dark golden ale with good strength and a fresh hop taste.

Bards Bitter

The perfect English Bitter, balanced hop aroma and with a good body.

Lager Supreme

Pale golden in colour, fresh hoppy taste, a very well balanced English Lager.

Strong Bitter

Extra strong, superbly full bodied and with a hoppiness to match its body, this is a powerful English Bitter.


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