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Beer Kit - Tooheys

A beer kit from high quality malts, hops, and yeasts, all carefully selected by the master brewers from Tooheys, the well known Australian brewery in Lidcombe, Sydney. The brewery was founded by John Thomas Toohey in 1869, starting off with the Tooheys Black Old Ale which became an instant success while todays most popular beer is the Tooheys New. We are now proud to present this beer making kit range, made to match the commercial equivalents.

black rock beer kit

Tooheys Special Draught

Tooheys brewers have combined flavoursome mixture of high quality malts, hops and yeast to help you brew an authentic old-school special draught. A beer kit of commercial quality.

real ale kit

Tooheys Traditional Real Ale

Tooheys Traditional Real Ale gets its deep colour from a blend of Australian malts and hops and the result, carefully monitored by the Tooheys commercial master brewers, is a refreshing beer, near its commercial equivalent.
beer kit ale

Tooheys Classic Dark Ale

The master brewers of Tooheys brewery have carefully chosen a blend of high quality dark and light roasted malts, hops and yeast to help you brew a truly classic dark ale beer from down under.

lager kit

Tooheys Special Lager

A high quality selection of malts, hops and yeast have been matched by Tooheys brewers, close to the original commercial equivalent, helping you to brew a light coloured, refreshing Aussie lager with a clean dry finish.

Tooheys Classic Dry Lager Kit

This authentic dry lager recipe was developed ty the master brewers to produce a beer that is a little dryer than others, crisp and with a light refreshing finish. Much like the commercial equivalent, Tooheys New.

Tooheys Brewery - more than 100 years of beermaking history

Tooheys brewing tradition began back in 1869 with J.T. and James Toohey creating ales in the style of traditional English and German dark beers, including their first: "Tooheys Old". By 1931 they'd turned their attention to lagers - a style suited to Australia's hot, dry climate and it had a flash new name; "Tooheys New".

For over 130 years Tooheys beers have been part of Australian life - and one of the favourite parts, at that. Now the master brewers have found another way to extend the pride and pleasure they have in their work to you - home brew. Made with some of the same ingredients and all the patience and expertise that go into their famous beers. Real beer makers make real beer kits.

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