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Alcotec Top-Up Liqueur Extracts

Essences for making your own liqueur has been around for a long time, but we have taken it one step further. Not only do we offer extreme quality but it is also extremely convenient. Just top the bottle up with alcohol of your preferred strength. That's all you need to do to make a perfect Amaretto, Cherry Brandy, Irish Cream or any other liqueur of your choice.

Top-Up Liqueur Extracts

The idea is simple - we have mixed the essence with the sugars for you, ready to just top up with alcohol. We are using a special liqueur base mix of sugars to achieve the right texture so the result is better than mixing a liqueur essence with normal sugar. The bottle is perfect for serving your liqueur as well. 

Irish Cream essences
   cherry brandy essence

Irish Cream

Liqueur based in Irish Whiskey and cream, perfect for drinking by itself but equally well used in cocktails or added to coffe. Item code 50901.


Cherry Brandy

The original is distilled from cherries and it need hardly any introduction. One of the essential ingredients in a Singapore Sling. Item code 50902.

 Coconut rum essence      

Coconut Rum

A true Caribbean delight. A coconut flavoured Caribbean white rum, silky smooth texture, subtle and light on coconut flavor with a mild sweetness. Item code 50903.



Italian style sweet liqueur made from the pits of almonds and apricots enrichened with secret herbs and fruits. Serve neat or on the rocks, or why not add it to your coffee. Item code 50904.

 sambuca essence extract   mississippi comfort essence   


The famous Italian style aniseed liqueur. Item code 50905.



A popular southern fruit, spice and whiskey flavoured liqueur. Serve it as it is, or use it for cocktails such as Alabama Slammer, Red Death or Red Devil. Item code 50906.

 triple sec extract   black sambuca   

Triple Sec

The popular dry variety of the Caribbean Curacao, made from bitter orange peels and very popular in drinks. Item code 50907. 



The famous Italian style aniseed liqueur, here in black. Item code 50910.

 hunters schnapps essence      


A German style herb schnapps, the perfect shot after the shooting. Item code 50912.


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