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Beer Kits - Hambleton Bard

Beer Making Kit - Black Rock

Situated in the Heart of the South Pacific, New Zealand boasts an unsurpassed climate and environment for the production of high quality grain and seed crops. In fact, the island whilst only about the size of Great Britain, spans nearly 12 degrees of latitude, providing a rich range of micro-climates, from which springs a wealth of clean, healthy produce. This climate, a pollution-free environment, responsive young soils and a comparative freedom from pests and disease, offers superb conditions for the production of high quality two row malting barley and hops - the ingredients which make up Black Rock beer kits. We are now proud to present this flagship beer kit brand.

black rock beer kit

Whispering Wheat 1.7 kg

Liquid gold beer kit with a fruity flavour. Lively & refreshing for warmer climates.

Nut Brown Ale 1.7 kg

A malty, deep amber ale kit. A nice balance of crystal malt & hops produces a clean taste with a malt accented flavour.

Export Pilsener 1.7 kg

A traditional Czech beermaking kit in the Pilsen style. Crisp, Clean & refreshing.

New Zealand Company Bitter 1.7 kg

Originally brewed in England for the long voyage to NZ. Rich, Strong & Tasty.

Miner's Stout 1.7 kg

The West Coast coal miner's meal at the end of the day. Dark, smooth and satisfying after a day in the mines.

Pilsner Blonde 1.7 kg

A flavoursome European type lager. Not as dry as the Export Pils.

Black Rock beer kit ingredients

Two row Malting Barley: All malting barley is sourced from New Zealand's rich, fertile Canterbury plains - acknowledged as the home of some of the finest malting barley in the world. All barley is carefully checked before submission to see that it complies with Black Rock's exacting malting barley specification for homebrew beer kits.

Nelson Hops: Nelson provides ideal growing conditions for hops. Long hours of sunshine interspersed with regular rainfall and relatively wind free conditions, produce high alpha acid hop varieties with essential oil profiles ideal for the production of great beers. Hop varieties used are Superalpha, Sticklebract and New Zealand Hallertau for aroma.

Water: New Zealand has some of the purest water in the world, due to its location down under, and strong community awareness of the environment.

Yeast: The yeast supplied with Black Rock Homebrew beer kits has been selected aHer two years of exhaustive testing of yeast cultures from all over the world. Black Rock continues its yeast development and testing work, endeavouring always to improve the taste of the beer.

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