Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard
Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard

Wine Making Kits - Magnum

Magnum wine kit is very good value for money. It is a very compact kit made from 100% pure quality Italian grape concentrate, producing good quality table wines in less than two weeks.


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Table Wine Making Kits

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Magnum White

Based on a northern Italian Trebbiano grape, this wine kit makes a stunning medium dry white wine, crisp in acidity yet well balanced.

Magnum Rose

With a mix of fruity red and white Italian grapes, the Magnum Rose is a fragrant and delicate rose wine, the perfect companion for any meal or for serving on its own.

Magnum Red

The Magnum Red wine is inspired by the great Italian wines. We are using the same type of grape juice in order to produce a good red Italian style table wine. Medium dry, good body and dark red.

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Cider Making Kits

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Magnum wine & cider instruction here

Magnum Apple Cider Kit

Made from 100% quality apple concentrate, this cider making kit produces a stunning apple cider with 5-6% alcohol and a very clear and crisp apple taste.

Magnum Pear Ciderkit

Possibly the only pure pear cider kit on the market. We use 100% pure pear concentrate to produce this fantastic Pear Cider.

Magnum Elderflower Cider

We have extracted the flavours and aromas from elderflowers with an alcohol solution which we later used to produce this cider kit with its excitingly clean and fresh taste of sparkling elderflowers.

Magnum Strawberry Cider

Nothing symbolises summer more than strawberries and cider, so we have combined them both into the perfect summer drink, the Strawberry Cider.

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