Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard
Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard

Wine Kits - Bards Blends winemaking

Making wines from Europe is easy with the Bards Blends wine kits. Try the popular Italian reds and whites inspired by the Chianti commercial wine, or try our French style red or why not the Liebfraumilch white. The Bards Blends winemaking kits are easy to make, fast - only 7 days and all you need is there, just add sugar and water to make your own wine.

homebrew winemaking kit

Italian Style Red

Italian style red table wine, medium dry, good body and ruby colour.

French Style Red

Inspired by the great Bordeaux wines, this kit produces a dark ruby red wine, rich in tannin and very full bodied.

Italian Style White

A light Italian style table wine, medium dry, crisp and balanced acidity.

German Style White

Liebfraumilch-style German white wine, medium sweet, flowery bouquet and very fruity flavour.


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