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How to make wine, beer and moonshine alcohol

Wine making questions, beermaking problems or turbo yeast and home distilling queries. Our How-To pages cover the most frequently asked questions for troubleshooting and just general curiousity on how to make alcohol.

wine making

Wine & beer making FAQ

What to do if your wine kit, beer, turbo yeast wash suddenly stops fermenting, or doesn't even start. Clearing problems and many other frequently asked questions on homebrew alcohol making, wheter from basic materials or homebrew kits.


How to use a hydrometer

The hydrometer is the universal instrument for a brewer, whether you make wine, beer or moonshine alcohol. With this instrument you can check the progress of your fermentation, calculate alcohol and determine exactly when the fermentation is over.


How to use a vinometer (wine alcohol meter)

This instrument should be used for wine alcohol ONLY - it doesn't work for beer, spirits or liqueurs . It is a convenient instrument to use, not as exact as the hydrometer and you need to know its limitations or you will get it totally wrong.

turbo yeast

How to use turbo yeast (and why)

Turbo yeast is for making pure alcohol, it is not well suited for making wine or beer.

Clearing of home brew wines - how it works

All you ever wanted to know about the life of a yeast cell.