Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard
Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard

Fruit presses for homebrew use

A fruit press is more or less necessary if you want to make wine from fruit such as apples or pears (or any berries for that matter). At least if you want to make any quantity. There are a few types - spindle presses such as the ones here and cross beam presses. Before you press your fruit, it needs cutting up in smaller bits, or crushing. The serious home brewer can of course buy a fruit crusher for this purpose.

winemaking fruit press

Fruit press instruction here

Better Brew fruit presses 6L, 12L and 18L

Better Brew fruit presses are of traditional beech and steel construction, high quality equipment for the serious homebrewer.

The construction is a beech rib cage with a spindle driven press mechanism inside. The juice is collected in the bottom bowl and led out via the spout. The press can be completely dismantled for cleaning and it comes with a mashing bag (or fruit parts would come out through the ribs) and beech distance blocks. You can buy extra mashing bags and distance blocks as spare parts.

fruit press drawing


Fruit press parts

  1. Metal stand with fixing holes
  2. Juice collection bowl with spout
  3. Beech pressing cage
  4. Beech pressing plate, two halves
  5. Beech distance blocks (two)
  6. Beech pressure plate
  7. Nylon washer
  8. 3-hole tightening nut
  9. Tightening handle
  10. Threaded spindle
wine making press


The fruit press comes securely packed in a printed box with full instructions (English, Swedish, German) inside.