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Beer kits like Better Brew, Muntons, Milestone, Woodfordes, Geordie and many others, all from different manufacturers and wholesalers, have become very popular for making beer at home since this was legalised during the 20th century, in most of the world. In the UK, home brewing was completely legalised for personal use in 1963 when the previously ruling 1880 five shilling homebrewing license was removed. Today it is free (of alchol duty) and legal to make any quantity of fermented alcohol for your own use in the UK. Most countries allow beermaking for own use but you need to check the exact status if you are not in the UK. Hambleton Bard is a wholesaler and manufacturer of beer making kits in the UK, we welcome trade enquiries for beer kit wholesale.

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What is a beer kit?

A beer kit like Bulldog Brews, Muntons, Geordie, Milestone or Better Brew, all from different manufacturers, typically contains liquid or dry (spray dried) malt extract which when diluted with water produces wort. The extract is normally hopped, which removes the need for boiling it with hops. Kits with lower malt content (usually up to 1.8kgs) require sugar addition. The "all malt" style kits containing 3kgs or more (to make 23 litres) normally need no sugar to be added and will produce a higher quality beer. Always check ingredients list though, it should say malt extract and nothing else (no sugar syrup, barley syrup or anything with sugar - in that case you have a cheaper beer kit dressed up as an exclusive one).

Beer enhancers improve quality

It is possible to use "normal" quality beer kits  - 1 to 1.8kg malt extract per 23 litres - and add a brewing enhancer, which is a mix of dried malt extract and brewing sugar (and sometimes also maltodextrin to achieve more body). This will produce a high quality beer from a normal kit and it allows you to adjust the recipe by using different enhancers. Well known enhancers on the market are made by Coopers and Muntons. Better Brew enhancers are newer additions.

Finishing hops for the final touch

Although most beer making kits of today come pre-hopped, you can obtain a fresher hop taste by adding a small hop infusion, normally in a tea bag. This is not the same as the main hop addition, it will not produce the main bitterness, but it will produce that last freshness and it is a means of varying the beers using the same kit but different finishing hops. Better Brew does a good range of finishing hop pellets suitable for most beer making kits.

Varietal brewers strain yeasts for top quality

Most budget beer kits are made using the same beer yeast across all types in the range. This is normally a less sophisticated strain, designed mainly to do the job and to do it fast. For true brewery quality beers you need to use brewers strains. These are much more expensive and also a bit temperamental but they produce fantastic beers if you pick the right strain for your brew and have the patience to wait for it to finish (these are a bit slower than the cheap and fast yeasts).

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