CO2 cylinder refills - Hambleton Bard
CO2 cylinder refills - Hambleton Bard

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Looking for a new job?

Hambleton Bard is the fastest growing home brew manufacturer in the EU. We are creative and inventive, it is fun to work for us. It's hectic of course so if you like a nice and quiet job, don't apply. We need people thinking outside of the usual box, lots of initiative and switched on 100% of the time. We never have a quiet moment.

Export sales 

This position has just been filled (February 2014).

Goods Inwards & Stock Control supervisor

Details to be announced, but if you think you are just the right guy, don't let that stop you from applying. We're looking at hiring someone here around March/April 2014.

UK Sales Executive

As our sales have exploded last two years, we are struggling to handle all orders. We will need more people in sales shortly so this job is coming up later, probably around mid 2014. If you think you are just the right person though, why wait - send us your CV now and tell us what you can do for us.