Hambleton Bard
Hambleton Bard

Australian hops

Ella hops


Alpha acid: 13.3-16.3%

Beta acid: 4.8-7.8%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 34-38%

Use: Dual purpose. Lagers and Pilseners

Developed in 2001 and first released commercially in 2007, this is a very new variety. Ella has a strong floral, noble hop character complemented with a delicious spicy finish. With dry hopping or large additions, Ella adds notes of grapefruit and tropical flavours.

Substitute: Galaxy, Spalt, Perle

Code 35154 Pellets 12g, Code 35354 Pellets 100g, Code 35554 Pellets 5 kgs



Alpha acid: 13.7-17.7%

Beta acid: 6.4-7.9%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 48-51%

Use: Dual purpose. Perfect for American Pale Ale, IPA and DIPA.

Topaz, like many other hop types of the southern hemisphere, is very fruity. Late kettle additions in high gravity beers will produce notes of gooseberry, grape and passion fruit. Slightly more subtle than its relative, Galaxy. When used for dry hopping, it generates resinous and grassy flavours.

Substitute: Galaxy, Riwaka, Ella

Code 35156 Pellets 12g, Code 35356 Pellets 100g, Code 35556 Pellets 5 kgs