Hambleton Bard
Hambleton Bard

Czech hops

Premiant hops


Alpha acid: 7-9%

Beta acid: 3.5-5.8%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 18-25%

Use: Bittering. Pilsners and Lagers.

This Czech variety, registered in 1996, is frequently used in Czech breweries for the second hop addition where it has a positive effect on the fine bitterness. Some Czech breweries prefer a mix of Sladek and Premiant. Neutral bitterness.

Substitute: Saaz, Magnum, Perle

Code 35125 Pellets 12g, Code 35335 Pellets 100g, Code 35525 Pellets 10 kgs



Alpha acid: 2-6%

Beta acid: 5-7%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 23-26%

Use: Dual purpose. Czech Pilsner, German Lager, Belgian Ale.

Saaz is also grown in NZ under the name of Mouteka, but the NZ type has completely different characteristics. Herbal, green and spicy aroma.

Substitute: Sladek, Lublin, Sterling, Vanguard

Code 35126 Pellets 12g, Code 35326 Pellets 100g, Code 35526 Pellets 10 kgs

Sladek pellets


Alpha acid: 5-9%

Beta acid: 4-4.6%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 20-30%

Use: Dual purpose.

Aromatic hop variety, well suited for European lagers and different ales. With late kettle additions or dry hopping, it produces lots of flower and berry aromas.

Substitute: Saaz, Lublin, Strisselspalt

Code 35127 Pellets 12g, Code 35327 Pellets 100g, Code 35527 Pellets 10 kgs