Hambleton Bard
Hambleton Bard

English hops

Admiral hops


Alpha acid: 11-15%

Beta acid: 4.8-6%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 34-45%

Use: Bittering. British ales.

This cross between Challenger and Northdown was released in 1998. Soft citrus and orange. Works well in mixes with Target or other British hops.

Substitute: Challenger, Northdown.

Code 35054 Pellets 12g, Code 35254 Pellets 100g, Code 35454 Pellets 5 kgs

Challenger hops


Alpha acid: 7-10%

Beta acid: 4-4.5%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 20-25%

Use: Dual purpose. From light golden ales to darkest stout.

This now classical variety from 1961 has a mild, spicy aroma. A dash of flowers and hints of citrus. Suitable for many types of british ales or stouts.

Substitute: Northern Brewer, Perle

Code 35056 Pellets 12g, Code 35256 Pellets 100g, Code 35456 Pellets 20 kgs



Alpha acid: 4-6%

Beta acid: 2-3%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 23-33%

Use: Dual purpose. Can be used in almost any British ale.

This classic variety from the 1860's brings a herbal and woody aroma to many British ales.

Substitute: Willamette, East Kent Goldings, Styrian Goldings

Code 35058 Pellets 12g, Code 35258 Pellets 100g, Code 35458 Pellets 20 kgs

East Kent Goldings

East Kent Goldings

Alpha acid: 3-6%

Beta acid: 1.9-2.8%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 28-32%

Use: Aroma hop. English Pale Ales and Ales.

A cornerstone of the quintessentially British hop varieties. This very classic type entered the market in the 1790's. Scents of citrus and flowers. Often complimented with Fuggle hops in English recipes.

Substitute: Fuggle, Willamette

Code 35060 Pellets 12g, Code 35260 Pellets 100g, Code 35460 Pellets 20 kgs



Alpha acid: 9-13%

Beta acid: 4-5%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 36-38%

Use: Dual purpose. Equally good in a Bitter as in an Imperial Stout.

Relatively new variety, first released in 2000. Notes of honey, cedar and flowers.

Substitute: Challenger, Northdown

Code 35064Pellets 12g, Code 35264 Pellets 100g, Code 35464 Pellets 5 kgs



Alpha acid: 5-8%

Beta acid: 2-3.3%

Cohumulone (% of alpha acids): 33%

Use: Dual purpose. Frequently used in British Real Ales and Scottish Ales.

Created in 1951 at Wye College, released for commercial growing in 1964. Lime and a robust fruitiness. Sweet grass and an earthy hint.

Substitute: East Kent Goldings, Fuggle

Code 35066 Pellets 12g, Code 35266 Pellets 100g, Code 35466 Pellets 5 kgs

Sovereign hop pellets


Alpha acid: 5-6%

Beta acid: 2-3%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 26-30%

Use: Dual purpose. Pale Ale and other British Ales

Bred in 1995 at Wye College, released in 2006. Green, earthy tones mixed with mint and flowers. Mixes well with Goldings but can also be used as single hop.

Substitute: Target, Challenger, Pilgrim

Code 35068 Pellets 12g, Code 35268 Pellets 100g, Code 35468 Pellets 5 kgs

Target hops


Alpha acid: 10-12 %

Beta acid: 5-5.5%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 29-35%

Use: Dual purpose.

Potent British hop type with all the typical characteristics. Lots of flowers, red berries and wood.

Substitute: East Kent Goldings

Code 35072 Pellets 12g, Code 35272 Pellets 100g, Code 35472 Pellets 20 kgs