Hambleton Bard
Hambleton Bard

French hops

Aramis hops


Alpha acid: 7.9-8.3%

Beta acid: 3.8-4.5%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 42%

Use: Dual purpose. Belgian, French, German ales.

Fine notes of spices and herbs and a touch of citrus. Similar to Strisselspalt, but with higher alpha acid content.

Substitute: Strisselspalt, Perle

Code 35080 Pellets 12g, Code 35280 Pellets 100g, Code 35480 Pellets 5 kgs

Strisselspalt pellets


Alpha acid: 3-5%

Beta acid: 3-5.5%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 20-25%

Use: Mainly aroma.

Subtle aromas of citrus, flowers and fruit. Well suited for use in a Kölsch, Bière de Garde or Saison.

Substitute: Aramis, Perle or not at all

Code 35082 Pellets 12g, Code 35282 Pellets 100g, Code 35482 Pellets 5 kgs